Token Economy

The $BVV token grants the hodler up to 4 superpowers!

Purchasing Power


Staking Power


Earning Power


Voting Power

Blockchain Valley Virtual’s utility token is $BVV, which will be used as the default currency in Blockchain Valley Virtual’s entire ecosystem consisting of the metaverse, NFT marketplace, and other upcoming ventures. Hodlers of the $BVV token can generate income through different staking methods with higher ROI + NFT drops.

Economic activities are taxed to uphold the value of the $BVV token and to maintain Blockchain Valley Virtual. Collected taxes are allocated to Blockchain Valley Virtual’s Treasury, and a portion is given back to the community. Additionally, sales of $BVV tokens will be subject to a tax in the early days following the initial exchange listing. This tax will be higher on the day of listing and decrease over time to protect the $BVV token value.

The ability to influence the development and direction of  Blockchain Valley Virtual through a voting system similar to a governance model is another significant benefit for $BVV token hodlers. The community can vote on major keystones or milestones like initiatives and proposals.

Enabling stablecoin transactions with greater TX fees, and pooling the collected fees, will preserve the usefulness and value of the $BVV token. Stablecoins will be distributed from this pool to the community. Furthermore, stablecoins can be used to directly purchase $BVV, which will positively increase market activity. Moreover, this approach will improve user experience since users who already have stablecoins available can more easily engage in ‘modest’ purchases in Blockchain Valley Virtual.

Over time, Blockchain Valley Virtual’s ecosystem will integrate with other metaverses and projects to increase the utility of $BVV token and NFTs, plus expand the reach of Blockchain Valley Virtual. Furthermore, digital entities, player- and non-player-controlled, in Blockchain Valley Virtual will eventually facilitate a self-sustaining circular economy that supports the value of $BVV token regardless of human activities.

Overall, $BVV serves not only as a currency but also as a tool for community engagement, decision- making, and proper value accrual within Blockchain Valley Virtual.

Token Distribution

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